Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time Flies

Has it been one year already? One year ago today, I started posting as The Voracious Filmgoer, promising myself to write about a minimum of one film a week. If you look at the review archive, you'll notice well over 52 titles, so I would have to say that my goals have been met. As I write this, I have a handful of reviews in progress and plan to continue seeing movies as often as I can, and as often as money reasonably allows. While I don't have time to write about every film I see, I will try to keep up with major new releases as I have done for a whole year now.

These are uncertain times for criticism, but as long as people care about thinking and engaging with art, it will survive. As long as criticism is seen as honest dialogue and not pointless sniping, it will survive.

This blog shall continue into the future. Even though my base of readers is small, a big thanks has to go to each and every one of you. I hope you will continue with TVF and help make the second year at least as rewarding as the first.

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